Fernanda Frangetto is a Brazilian-born artist living in Florida, working in sculpture, installation, painting, and drawing. She studied at the University Center of Fine Arts and specialized in sculpture at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture, both in São Paulo.

Her works have been featured in art institutions across the US and Brazil, such as NARS Foundation (New York); Marco Island Center for the Arts, Magnetic Pompano (Florida); United Nations House (Brasília), and the Brazilian Society of Japanese Culture (São Paulo).

She created sculptures and trophies for the São Paulo Association of Art Critics, the Brazil Fashion Miami, and in 2017, City of Doral – Government Center, Florida, invited Frangetto to create sculptures in honor of the national fight against cancer that were gifted to Doral’s City Hall, the Commissioner’s Office, and the American Cancer Society.

She won the prestigious Salão Bunkyo Award’s Golden Prize and was a consecutive winner of Focus Brazil’s Visual Arts Press Award. Frangetto has been a speaker in numerous art events and her works are included in collections such as the Consulate General of Brazil’s in Miami, and Fundação Marcos Amaro’s.


– For me, sculpting is the art of a three-dimensional brushstroke –. Each gestural of the three-dimensional brushstroke is registered during the process of adding layers of beeswax or clay to the artwork’s conception. I increase my sculpture’s volume by focusing on the angles that need resistance establishing a balance with aesthetic tension. The shape of the sculpture is congruent to my instruments of work, my hands; arm; forearm; even my fingertips. An element of interference is sometimes glass, which I set on the wax. Metal replaces this media through the technique of lost-wax-casting. A dialogue is created and it also expresses the rhythmic and chromatic interferences in this organic shape – harmoniously.

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